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Fanvil IP products are consuming world-leading class chipset explanations. Fanvil has a very strong engineering group and hard partnerships with IP announcement chipset workers, such as Freescale, DSPG. Fanvil Technology is a tactical partner of Broadcom. Fanvil Channel Partner Program compromises of a great business chance, with established solutions, that will permit your company to add unbelievable value to the services, clients, and partners, as well as gaining the access to new business prospects.


Fanvil’s new X3S/G IP Phone is a developed masterpiece offers a larger experience to user and easiness for home as well as office users. X3S/G is placing to be not only just a telephone sitting on an operator’s desktop for the communication, and a great creation to place in your living room and also an office. It consists of easy connection and configuration. The protocols are secure and have smart and a user-friendly interface.


Features of the Phone:

This amazing IP Phone consists of many of the features such as it has phone availability control by the user PIN. The phone book is quite impressive as you can save up to 500 entries and consist of the remote phonebook. Also, it provides you the facility of the intelligent contact number filtering. This phone also gives a voice message waiting for a sign which is helpful while someone is on another call. Fanvil IP Phone X3S/G has network time management. This phone supports multi-language on the screen and in web UI such as English, Chinese, Turkish, German, French, and many others.


Other attributes:


FANVIL IP PHONES X3S/G comes with a 2.4/2.8-inch (320x240) colour-screen LCD with 32 keys, including 4 Soft-keys. It consists of HD Voice Speaker with Wideband ADC/DAC 16KHz Sampling.


The DC Power Input of the phone is 5V/600mA. This phone has full-duplex audio echo canceller, which makes the voice at hands-free mode in the area of nearly 96ms. The main attribute of the phone is Web Management Portal, Web-based Packet Dump, its Configuration Backup and Restore. The best part is that it has Auto/Manual Online Software Advancement which upgrades your system according to the need.